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Zear was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. As a toddler, his family moved to New York City, where he grew up along side other TC5 members like Rozone and Zame. In 1984, while painting at Midtown's public pool, he met Risk.FC and Luze.FC for the first time and became fast friends. Risk introduced him to West (FC Prez) and he was inducted into the crew. He painted alongside West, Risk, Zame, Luze, Tenor, G56, Psycho, Kaze, Serve, Flite, Joey.TDS, Poke and Epic. In 2004, Zear came out of retirement. He is still active, painting for the love of the art and doing work for brands like goodyear, Sprite, Puma, Motorola. He has painted live in music events in South America and conducts business with brands such as Tribal Gear...
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