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RozOne was born and raised in Hell's Kitchen NY and started writing graffiti in 1978. He was schooled by mentor, Mr MACE.TC and influenced by old school writers before him. Growing up, his neighborhood nickname was KOOLCAT, but in 1978 while reading a book, he came across the name ROZ. The letter combination was intriguing . He added ONE and started tagging RozOne. Over the years, other names have been used HEAR, SIZZLE144, KIDNAP134, 2CLOSE and LETTERMAN. "My first real crew was TSF, Stan1 ran the 1 tunnel before he got locked up. I can remember being there watching TSF, FBA, TC5, TVS and BB Crew doing whole cars, end to ends and window downs. I remember how they vamped toys and work bums. As a young kid, that was an amazing...
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