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REK/REC TC5 was born in Spanish Harlem and raised the the South Bronx. As a young kid in the early 70’s was taught his first tag and signature Kool Kat and ran around with a pen writing his name all over his block. Rek was involved in every aspect of “ROCKIN” (what would eventually be called “HIP HOP”), Rockin walls, Rockin the Mic, Rockin the Floor, Rockin the TurnTabels, Rockin the Layups. It would be through his meeting SEEN TC5 that he would get his name and claim to fame. In 1979, Rek would enter the High Scool of Art & Design along with Seen, Fabel, Doze, Pink, Erni, Gil, Tack, Airborn, Dore, Kaze, Phade, Mare and many other young prominent writers. Then in 1981 Rek finally got the seal...
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