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BOM5 was born in the South Bronx and raised on 174th Street and Hoe Avenue. He started out as 174 Spider and ran with The Savage Skull. He learned rocking from Hollywood, mighty Moke, Chulo Snake and Tony Amore and eventually started his own rokcing crew called “WE ROCK”. He eveuntually go tinto writing and quickly learned WILD STYLE thru his mentors BILLY167 (RIP) and REPEL (SLICK INC.). He soon toook the name BOM5. Got out of the gang life and into HIP-HOP thru AFRIKA BAMBAATAA’s first jam on unity and quickly started getting down with Zulu Nation. He learned to B-Boy and DJ. He got down with the Zulu Kings and the Rocky Steady Crew which eventually lead to BOM5 creating hi own B-boy crew called Ready to Rock, and also...
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