• Kaws


    KAWS is a New York-based artist who has made a name out of him designing limited edition toys and clothing....

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  • Psycho


    Psycho was not just only one of the youngest writers at 14 years old of his generation to be down...

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  • Fabel


    Rock Steady Crew, Tools of War, Universal Zulu Nation, TC5 Senior Vice President of the Rock Steady Crew, Fabel is...

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  • Rozone


    RozOne was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen NY and started writing graffiti in 1978. He was schooled by mentor,...

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  • Secret


    Secret was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. Secret, since day one, has always been heavy into all elements...

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  • Zame


    Zame was born and raised in Midtown Manhattan. Growing up, he was influenced by Roz-One, who introduced him to the...

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  • Fargo


    Fargo is from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He started writing  in 1973,  at the Coney Island Yard, behind John Dewey H.S.. It...

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  • West


    Isaac “West” Rubinstein is an American artist known for his large-scale abstract paintings which are often based on subconscious gestures...

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  • Spade


    Spade was raised on 14oSt and Broadway and started crushing lines by 1978. One of the originals, from the notorious...

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  • Tack


    Born and raised in Spanish Harlem in a Puerto Rican household, it was during grade school that Tack found himself...

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  • Staf27


    The crew heretic! Click here for more…...

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  • Virus


    Virus is an internationally recognized street artist whose work can be seen across Canada, the US as well as in...

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  • Poke



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  • Phade


    Born in East New York, Brooklyn, Phade studied photography at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, then...

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  • Oas


    Oas was raised in Washington Heights and started writing in the late 1980s. His influences came out of his own...

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  • Gets


    Gets was born and raised in the bronx. He quickly took to the streets and rooftops along the 2 and...

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  • Doze


    Doze Green was born and raised in New York City. He is an original member of the infamous Rock Steady...

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  • Bom5


    BOM5 was born in the South Bronx and raised on 174th Street and Hoe Avenue. He started out as 174...

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  • Claw$


    Keeping up with graffiti and fashion trendsetter Claw Money is no easy task. Between maintaining her eponymous clothing and accessories...

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  • Bluster


    James Alicea is a New York City-graphic designer and artist. Alicea shares his humor, wisdom and occasional rhymes while painting...

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  • Beam


    Marc BEAM Williams, a native of Spanish Harlem was drawn to the arts by way of graffiti in the 1970s...

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  • Zear


    Zear was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. As a toddler, his family moved to New York City,...

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  • Dash


    A graffiti writer specializing in the fine craft of hand lettering. He has long been considered one of New York...

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  • Seen


    One of the greatest tragedies in Graffiti folklore is the omission of SEEN TC5 from the history books. He is...

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  • Cey


    Cey Adams, a New York City native, emerged from the downtown graffiti movement to exhibit alongside fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat...

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  • Keo


    SCOTCH 79 a.k.a. KEO TC-5 is a bona-fide Brooklyn legend in the realm of NYC graffiti and hip hop. SCOTCH 79 came of age in the Brooklyn...

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  • Dezo


    Dezo started writing back in 1979 and has been continuous up to present day with no plans to ever stop....

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  • Dero


    Perhaps his parents foresaw Dero’s artistic future when they christened him Blue. In 1979 when Dero began to pay attention...

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  • Wane


    Since 1984, Bronx-raised WANE one has been a lively participant in the Writers Movement. He was an active subway writer for many...

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  • Totem


    Born and raised in the streets of Washington Heights, TOTEM was no stranger to the 1 line which passed right through Broadway....

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  • Wiggles


    REK/REC TC5 was born in Spanish Harlem and raised the the South Bronx. As a young kid in the early 70’s...

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  • Doves


    Ghetto FAB Omega Graffiti Superstar Extraordinaire  ...

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