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Arab talks style and function... Style... What can I say. It's the artistic evolution of ones signature, the natural metamorphosis that runs concurrently with ones evolving enlightenment . Those who are on a the path to mastery will develop a creative alchemy that will give them power to create forms that move the masses like subway cars...the higher the enlightenment... The more Arrows for battle in your quiver.....
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The Walls Belong To Us

In 2001 (Tc5 Digital) we started out with "The Walls Belong To Us", it's now been 14 years since we've started our online presence and we feel we've got the hang of this but we still have a ways to go. TC5 is easily one of the longest lasting grafitti dynasties around. We've gone from spray to culture to floor plans to pixels and everywhere in between. We've painted in every continent on the globe and we've made lasting relationships with new friends and crews all over the world. The crew represents all races, sexes, age groups, ethnicities and religions with the main mission being to push the grafitti style forward and always evolve it and try to invent something completely new on each execution. We have crew historians as well as graffiti...
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