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Know The Ledge

People have been piecing and producing burners for decades now, but one thing the masters were always able to do was to plan and execute their visions. From the beginning greats like Dondi, Part and many others were always refining their skills in the blackball and executing those visions on iron horses. It used to be you'd see a piece in a black book and doubt whether or not that artist could put that up. That being said we are not casting shades on those artists because there were plenty of style masters that stayed on paper. Yet, but as we all know the riddle of the steel was a different matter. In conclusion we always ask does your burner match your outline. Arab provides us a sample below. Read more


SEEN possessing keen insight, has always thought of The Five as an all city crew.@ the time I acquired the crazy 5 from comet the crew was In disarray. My vision @ the time was to bring it back to it's original luster . In order to achieve this I would have to start from the ground up & clean house . So to make it clear we tweaked the name from crazy to cool . We also used for the transitional period Crazy Cool Crazy This was the perfect time period to take over The Crazy 5 And show the Graff world what we have in store for the City . Total style & the power to take all city & be kings of train LINES !! The Goal was met on all fronts ......
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